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We are a husband and wife wedding  photography team to some of the most kind hearted couples in Cleveland, North Canton & the Midwest.  

Hey there, We're Austin & Rachel


We've worked together as a husband and wife photography team over the past 7 years! Together, we have learned the balance of giving direction, and letting moments unfold naturally. As a team, we balance each other, and our shooting styles blend seamlessly. We are passionate about creating intentional portraiture that documents your story well!

As to who we are apart from our business, well, we're casual, get married without dating, live your best life, type of people!

We spend our free time renovating our home into a mid mod dream house, deciding what to eat for dinner, hiking, drinking coffee way too late in the evening,  and listening to good music like John Mayer.

We love working with passionate, kind hearted couples who can't wait to share their day with friends & family.

Utah & Arizona

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home design

our kiddo

Utah & Arizona

our cat, baby

Home Design

Business Manager & Lead Photographer

Rachel Elisabeth

Hi there! I'm Rachel. I love photographing them  because it's a perfect combination of artistic vision & documentation. There's nothing quite like a day that is full of people who are celebrating with pure joy and details that are carefully chosen and thought over.

I'll never turn down coffee, a trip to hike in the southwest, or an opportunity to try something new.   Board games or Euchre are my preferred evening activity. And when I'm editing, you'll find me listening to historical audiobooks and podcasts because I enjoy a good history deep dive ( specifically, anything from 800-1050, and historical women's fashion)

Most Importantly: I love Jesus. 

Second Primary Shooter & Business Partner


While Rachel leads on wedding days, you'll find me on the side shooting candids, rounding up your bridal party, and making sure we're staying on schedule.

It's a rare occasion to find me sitting idle... When I'm not working for our businesses, I'm often working on our house renovation, spending time with our son, or learning a new trade and skill.

I own Jericho Design & Build, a kitchen and bath renovation business and I enjoy creating modern, functional spaces that elevate the home experience.

I enjoy playing guitar, eating good food, spending time with our friends, and drinking our morning coffee together.